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When the day arrives

  • You will get a telephone call from the South West Transplant Centre to say that they have a kidney for you.
  • You will be admitted to Mayflower Ward. You will be introduced to your nurse who will be looking after you.
  • A laboratory test (cross-match) is sometimes needed to check that the donor kidney is compatible with your antibodies. It takes roughly four to six hours for a complete report. If enough information is already available the operation can proceed without this test. If the cross match shows that the organ is not suitable, it may be necessary to cancel the operation. Usually you would still be eligible for the next kidney offer.
  • A transplant surgeon will go through the procedure of your operation and explain once more about what to expect and the risks of complications. When you fully understand, you will sign a consent form for the operation. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have at this point.
  • You will be seen by an anaesthetist who will examine you and tell you about having a general anaesthetic.
  • When they are ready for you in theatre, porters come and collect you and take you to theatre. A nurse will come with you as well.You are bound to feel nervous, that’s normal.
  • In the theatre department, you will go first to the reception ward where a nurse will go though the reception procedure and ask you a few questions. They may change you to another trolley or bed.
  • Then you will go to the anaesthetic room, where the anaesthetist and his/her assistants will explain what they are going to do. They will put a small needle into the back of your hand and the anaesthetist will inject a drug that sends you to sleep.

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