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What can go wrong?

The chances of you running into any complications are very small indeed. However, this is classed as a major operation and occasionally complications do arise.

  • Bleeding from the site of the operation that could require further treatment in theatre.
  • Wound infection or urinary infection that may require a course of antibiotics.
  • For men occasional testiculal swelling and pain for a month or so which settles on its own.

What about my other kidney?

Your other kidney will sense that it is having to work harder than it did before and it will respond by growing a bit in size. It will cope perfectly well with your normal lifestyle and dietary habits. Being on its own does not place it at any greater risk of becoming diseased than if it still had its pair.


Whether you have offered your organs for donation after your death or you have volunteered to give one of your kidneys to a loved one, your action must be ranked as one of the most worthy things you could for another person. We appreciate the difficulties that you may have had to face in making your decision - well meaning but negative attitudes of others, religious issues, moral issues – and on behalf of the person whose life you may have lengthened, we thank you.

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