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Patient referral

Patient referral

Studies have shown that it is best for patients to have a pre-emptive kidney transplant, i.e. before they end up on dialysis. Any patient with chronic kidney disease approaching or requiring renal replacement therapy should be considered for renal transplantation. We have recently updated our transplant assessment process to ensure safety of the potential transplant recipients. Some of the investigations therefore are tailored to patients’ individual circumstances and comorbidities.

The referring units are well aware of the investigations that need to be done before patients are sent to Derriford Transplant team for pre-transplant assessment, where they would be seen by the transplant surgeon and physician.


Transplant Assessment Clinic

Being seen in a transplant assessment clinic involves:

  • Medical and surgical assessment of suitability for transplantation.
  • Information session with transplant nurse practitioner.
  • Psychological support if required.
  • The live donor transplant option will be discussed and appropriate referral to the live donor transplant co-ordinator.
  • Blood group, tissue type, virology screen.
  • Further investigations/ workup as required.

This is followed by discussion in the transplant multi-disciplinary meeting and activation to the UKT renal transplant waiting list if appropriate.


Potential advantages of pre-emptive renal transplantation:


·         Avoid the complications of dialysis and its initiation


·         Vascular access and CAPD tube insertion are avoided.


·         More economic utilisation of resources


·         Expansion of transplant waiting list population


·         Better graft survival; 72 vs 60% at 5 years. [3]


Potential Disadvantages:


·         The risks of transplantation (surgical, & secondary to immunosuppression)


·         Shortage of kidneys

·         Potential risk of non-compliance


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