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Kidney allocation

Kidney allocation

The South West Transplant Centre participates in nationally agreed organ allocation schemes co-ordinated by UK transplant.

Organs from heart-beating deceased donors (DBD - donation after brain death) are allocated via the national scheme.

Organs from non heart-beating deceased donors (DCD - donation after cardiac death) are retained locally to minimise cold ischaemia times.


National Kidney Allocation Scheme (NHSBT website information)


Only kidneys from donors after brain death (DBD) are allocated via the national allocation scheme.


Kidneys from donations after circulatory death (DCD) are allocated to patients through local allocation arrangements; the numbers of DCD transplants vary across the country depending on the size of transplant programmes.  


Kidneys from DBD are allocated to patients listed nationally through the Kidney Allocation Scheme, which prioritizes patients as follows:


·         Ideal tissue match (000 HLA mismatch)

·         Level of tissue match between donor and recipient

·         Length of time spent waiting for a transplant

·         Age of the recipient (with a progressive reduction in points after the age of 30)

·         Location points such that patients geographically close to the retrieval centre receive more points.

·         The patients with the highest number of points for a donated kidney are preferentially offered the kidney, no matter where in the UK they receive their treatment.

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