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Our aim is to ensure that all patients with end stage renal failure have the option to consider live donor transplantation the subject is introduced as early in the planning or delivery of renal replacement therapy as possible, during pre-dialysis counselling or assessment for entry onto the deceased donor transplant waiting list. Close links are established between the Live Donor Transplant Co-ordinator and the Transplant Nurse Practitioner to ensure a continuous high standard of care and support is maintained both pre and post operatively.

Potential donor/recipient

Potential donor: is usually genetically or emotionally related to the recipient and be medically, surgically and psychologically suitable to donate. They must fully appreciate that live kidney donation is an ‘altruistic’ act (a gift freely given).

Potential recipient: must be medically, surgically and psychologically suitable for transplantation. The criteria for medical evaluation of a potential transplant recipient will be the same as those employed for intended recipients of deceased donor transplants.

  • Donor safety is paramount
  • Donors are valued by nursing, medical and surgical staff
  • Donors motives are altruistic
  • Donors are continuously supported throughout the process of donation and afterwards

The live donor co-ordinator will meet the potential donor and recipient on many occasions during the evaluation process. Throughout this time a close relationship is formed based on confidentiality, honesty and trust. The Live Donor Co-ordinator will act as advocate for the donor at all times.

A series of interviews are necessary to establish family dynamics, identify and advise and deal with problems such as employment, finance and child-care. There is an emphasis on the ‘value’ of live donors and a commitment to continuous support. The Live Donor Co-ordinator ensures that any medical problem diagnosed during the work-up is promptly referred to an appropriate clinician.

It is imperative that adequate time is spent on the donor interviews to make an accurate assessment and to ensure that enough information is given to enable a truly informed decision. Information provided to the donor and their family should be both verbal and written. Donors and recipients will be offered the opportunity to discuss any concerns/problems with a clinical psychologist.

Follow up

The donor will continue to be followed-up by the TCO at 4 weeks, 3 months and annually. The TCO in conjunction with the Transplant Nurse Practitioner will provide support and advice and also act appropriately to resolve any problems that occur as a result of the live donor surgery. The donor and recipient will also have the opportunity to continue to receive clinical psychologist support post-operatively and before discharge from hospital.

The programme is in accordance with the British Transplant Society guidelines.

Contact details

Sarah Stacey, Living Donor Coordinator
Telephone number: 01752 439955

Pathway Donor Recipient

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